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Dominique - Electrologist in Pittsburgh

About Dominique  your electrologist

Bonjour! Welcome to “Voila! Electrolysis” with a French accent!


I left Paris 26 years ago to move to Maryland and I have made Pittsburgh my home for the last 18 years.


A few years ago, I started to struggle with hair on my face. Going to electrolysis was the best decision I made for myself! Let’s face it: facial and body hair are major sources of mental distress that affect our daily life.


Next thing was the desire to help others as I had been helped. I then embarked on a training as an electrologist and graduated with Honors from Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Queens NY which is one of only two schools in USA  accredited by the American Electrology Association.


I offer an unique approach of Electrolysis infused with Argentine Tango music and “French-ness”! I make sure that you feel comfortable, respected, and safe. All are welcome.


I really found my passion with Electrolysis and I love it as much as I do love Argentine Tango!

Helping people transform their lives by removing permanently their unwanted hair is very rewarding. And even more, when I see the positive results of my treatments and hear my clients tell me they are thrilled with the results, feel more confident and lead happier lives. Many have even told me my treatments have transformed their lives! The most common remark I hear from my client is…


“ I wish I had found Electrolysis years ago!”

  • Electrolysis is the only proven method (by the Federation of Drugs and Administration) to date for permanent hair removal.

  • Unlike other methods of hair removal, electrolysis can permanently remove any hair color, including white, gray and blond - and it works on any skin tone. Plus, it is an isolated treatment, many report minimal sensation. 

  • Electrolysis is safe for most body areas (with the exception of the inner nostril area & inner ear). While Electrolysis can be used on any hair, anywhere on the body, women most commonly choose electrolysis for their upper lip, chin and eyebrows; men often choose electrolysis to manage unibrow, beards and ear hair.

  • To know more, please refer to FAQ

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